Pilex Tablet

This product contains natural ingredients included in the
Pharmacopoeia of the Indian Traditional Medicines (Ayurveda).


Botanical nameEnglish nameQuantity
Balsamodedron mukulIndian bdellium tree0.26 g
Mineral pitch (Purified)32mg
Melia azadirachtaNeem seeds14mg
Berberis aristataTree turmeric64mg
Emblica officinalisIndian gooseberry32mg
Terminalia chebulaChebulic myrobalan32mg
Terminalia belericaBelliric myrobalan32mg
Cassia fistulaIndian laburnum32mg
Bauhinia variegataOrchid tree32mg
Mesua ferreaCobra’s saffron6mg


Notice: This product contains Magnesium stearate as 1n
in-active ingredient


  • Hemorrhoids (heals piles and fissures; relieves pain, itching
    and bleeding)
  • Varicose veins

Tablet: Initially, 2 tablets twice daily, followed by 1 tablet twice daily, or as directed by your physician. Simultaneous use of Pilex ointment gives better results.

Pilex tablet is not recommended in pregnancy and lactation.


Not reported.

Store below 30°C, away from direct sunlight.
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not refrigerate.

Sealed packs of 60 tablets.

Himalaya Drug Co.

Farnoush Darou Teb Co.